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Posted by Rick Parkin on 11/23/2020

Happy Thanksgiving


Welcome to Air Nevada Virtual Airline

The brave pilots of Air Nevada, flying small airplanes in North America.

Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Great time to enjoy family and friends. And if time permits, do a little flying. Happy Birthday Air Nevada, this coming January. This will be one year Air Nevada has wings the west.
A good day to fly. Have fun.

About US

Air Nevada is a small airline. Flying small airplanes in Canada and the United States. Fly anytime, any route on the schedule (No Charter Flights), with any aircraft listed in the fleet. All pilots are required to use Smartcars, our flight reporting software. Air Nevada is a registered airline with IVAO network. Highly recommended to do your flights on IVAO network, but not required.
Please read before joining. Pilot's Handbook. The Pilots Handbook is our SOP, and you can see all the rules and regs to fly for Air Nevada.
Gain rank with flight hours. Gaining rank takes a lot of flying. It is all about flying airplanes.
Have fun.

Our Flights

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
ANV1005Rick ParkinKTOR1L1 DO 228-20003.14-151 ft/mAccepted
ANV1160Leon VermeulenKROAW78P28A CHEROKE00.36-30 ft/mAccepted
ANV1006Rick Parkin1L1KTOR DO 228-20002.22-141 ft/mAccepted
ANV1331Rick ParkinKONM1L1 DO 228-20002.25-93 ft/mAccepted
ANV1993Bob MitchellCYFBCYTEB190001.02-189 ft/mAccepted
ANV1561Rick ParkinKACTKONM DO 228-20002.46-197 ft/mAccepted
ANV2043Rick ParkinKORKKACT DO 228-20001.52-23 ft/mAccepted
ANV2018Rick ParkinKLBLKORK DO 228-20002.06-75 ft/mAccepted
ANV2013Rick ParkinKASLKLBL DO 228-20002.23-80 ft/mAccepted
ANV2055Rick ParkinKVIHKASL DO 228-20002.15-149 ft/mAccepted

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Pilots: 8
Total Airline Hours: 926
Flights: 432
Flights Today: 2
Miles Flown: 174,200
Aircraft: 23
Passengers: 4,549
Routes: 1227

Newest Pilots

ANV0028 Bob Mitchell
ANV0027 David Kurth
ANV0026 Leon Vermeulen
ANV0024 Rod Denison
ANV0020 Randy Wood


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