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Air Nevada Virtual Airline

Pilots Hand book

Thank you for choosing Air Nevada Virtual Airlines. I am a small airline servicing the Western United States in small planes. 

Pilots are allowed to fly anytime and anywhere within the United States and Canada. The only exceptions is Hawaii and/or any US territory. You may fly with any aircraft as long as it is one listed in our fleet. I currently operate from four HUBs from the East to the West as well as Canada and Alaska. See the list and location below:

1L1 - Lincoln County Airport, Panaca, Nevada

CYQF – Red Deer Regional, Alberta, Canada

PAUN – Unalaskleet, Alaska, USA

KROA – Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional, Roanoke, Virginia

Pilot requirements

1. You MUST have and maintain a valid Email Address
2. Flying online is not a requirement, I highly recommend you fly all your flights on IVAO. I am a registered IVAO Virtual Airline.
3. You must have a legal copy of a Flight Simulator we support, X-Plane, P3D, FS9 or FSX.
4. You must fly and file a PIREP every 90 days. New pilots have 30 days to make first fight.
5. Every Pilot starts with zero flight hours. We do not transfer hours from another VA.
6. All Pilots are required to use Smartcars. Manual PIREPS will not be accepted.


Go to crew center/Pilot Infomation and download Smartcars and install.
1.Login to Smartcars
2.Search for the flight. Bid on the flight. Hit fly.
3.Select the aircraft, the network, Number of passengers, Altitude.
4. When ready, Hit start and fly.
5. At the gate and shutdown, hit finish and file pirep.
6. New Pilots have 30 days to make their first flight. No flight in 30 days may be terminated without notice.


Please check our fleet page, for a list of aircraft.  I am continually adding new aircraft to our fleet.  Aircraft requests are being accepted by email.  Requested aircraft must be prop or turbo prop and can not carry over 25 passengers. No Jet aircraft allowed.


1. Fly anytime you like.
2. Fly any route on the schedule. At anytime time or day, regardless of what the schedule says.
3. Use any aircraft listed in the fleet.

Rejected PIREP:

A PIREP may be rejected when;(I do not like to Reject any PIREPS)

1. If a pilot flies an aircraft not listed as a fleet aircraft.

Reasons for Termination without notice:

1. No PIREP after 90 days.
2.Disrespectful behavior.

Final Word From The CEO:

Air Nevada Virtual Airline was started for my personal flight records. I welcome new pilots. I have setup this VA to my personal standards. I will listen to suggestions.
I am the CEO, Owner and Founder of Air Nevada Virtual and I run it my way(If you don't like it, leave).  My Motto is “Shut up and fly the airplane.”