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Welcome to Air Nevada

Posted by Rick P on 06/24/2024

Fly Louisiana


The brave pilots of Air Nevada, Having fun.

Our mission is to enjoy flight simulation. Fly an airplane all day, everyday. Fly Louisiana, new airports and routes in the state of Louisiana. A good day to fly. Have fun.

About US

Air Nevada is a general aviation airline. We fly general aviation aircraft VFR and IFR. We have 59 aircraft in our fleet. Over 600 destinations in Canada and the United States. And 6 Hubs. Fly anytime, any route on the schedule, with any aircraft listed in the fleet. What are you waiting for, Join today!
Please read before joining. Pilot's Handbook.
Cleared for takeoff. See ya in the air.
Have fun.
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Pilots: 10
Total Airline Hours: 6,879
Flights: 3,417
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 1,186,306
Aircraft: 59
Passengers: 34,026
Routes: 8136

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