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Welcome to Air Nevada

Posted by Rick P on 11/25/2023

New Aircraft


The brave pilots of Air Nevada, Having fun.

Our mission is to enjoy flight simulation. Fly an airplane all day, everyday. A good day to fly. Have fun. The Grumman G21 Goose has been added to the Air Nevada Fleet.

About US

Air Nevada is a small airline. Flying small airplanes in Canada and the United States. Fly anytime, any route on the schedule(No Charter flights,), with any aircraft listed in the fleet. SmartCars will not work with a Mac platform.
Please read before joining. Pilot's Handbook. The Pilots Handbook is our SOP.
Cleared for takeoff. See ya in the air.
Have fun.
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Latest Flights

Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
ANV1565PAJNCYXYCESSNA 20601.13-151 ft/mAccepted
ANV1821PAYAPAJNGOOSE01.26-178 ft/mAccepted
ANV1465U55U96CARAVAN 20800.41-62 ft/mAccepted
ANV4412KHCRKTORPILATUS PC-101.36-54 ft/mAccepted
ANV5200KLVSKHCRPILATUS PC-101.57-12 ft/mAccepted
ANV5193KEMMKLVSPILATUS PC-101.58-110 ft/mAccepted
ANV49151L1KEMMPILATUS PC-101.23-94 ft/mAccepted
ANV2127KEKS1L1PILATUS PC-102.23-78 ft/mAccepted
ANV455474VKEKSPILATUS PC-101.37-295 ft/mAccepted
ANV4549KCFT74VPILATUS PC-102.13-34 ft/mAccepted

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Pilots: 9
Total Airline Hours: 5,683
Flights: 2,700
Flights Today: 2
Miles Flown: 968,233
Aircraft: 55
Passengers: 28,566
Routes: 6852

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