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Posted by Rick Parkin on 06/29/2020

About us

Air Nevada Virtual Airline

Flying Small airplanes

Welcome to Air Nevada Virtual Airline. January 2, 2020 Air Nevada was born. I love flight simulation and in June 2019 I switched over to X-plane 11 and fell in love with flying small aircraft. I live in Neavda and south of Panaca Nevada, where Lincoln County airport is located. In the virtual world my wife and I bought Lincoln County airport and built a home near by and starting buying aircraft. This all started after watching Flying Wild Alaska and Tweeto family and Ice Pilots, The boot camp airline of Buffalo airways. I wanted to build a Virtual airline structured after Era Alaska, but in not only in Alaska, but in Canada and the lower 48 states also.

Air Nevada has 4 hubs and 19 aircraft. A small airline just getting started.  Over 800 scheduled flights to fly any time with any aircraft in the fleet. Adding more scheduled flights everyday. Adding routes and aircraft at the pilots request (NO Jet aircraft). Mouse over corporate and click on staff to find the Pilots Handbook if your new and interested in joining.

Air Nevada is a registered Va with IVAO. It is highly recommended you do all your flights on IVAO, but not required. It is required to use the Air Nevada Smartcars flight reporting system and requires one flight every 90 days. No charter flights allowed.

We offer flying small planes, gaining pilot rank with flight hours and some pay to go along with your hard work and time away from home. Pay will go up with rank.  I am not a people person, so there will be no forums, teamspeak, or discord. All communication will by email or website airmail. This Airline is about flying airplanes ya all. Lets have fun!

Our Flights

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
ANV1012Rick ParkinKTOR1L1 DO 228-20002.52-156 ft/mAccepted
ANV1098Rick PeabodyPAFAPAUNB190001.25-147 ft/mAccepted
ANV1717Rick ParkinKSDYKTOR DO 228-20001.53-96 ft/mAccepted
ANV1154Rick PeabodyCYHYCYOP690B TWIN CO00.49-352 ft/mAccepted
ANV1155Rick PeabodyCYOPCYHY690B TWIN CO00.51-50 ft/mAccepted
ANV1597Rick PeabodyKRNTCYXXBARON 5800.32-65 ft/mAccepted
ANV1716Rick ParkinKTORKSDY DO 228-20001.55-51 ft/mAccepted
ANV1927Howie ThateCYCBCYZFPA31T PIPER 01.52-363 ft/mAccepted
ANV1083Rick PeabodyPAUNPASMC17201.08-85 ft/mAccepted
ANV1926Howie ThateCYZFCYCBPA31T PIPER 01.56-191 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

Randy ThateCanada
Rick ParkinUnited States


Pilots: 11
Total Airline Hours: 669
Flights: 429
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 127,854
Aircraft: 20
Passengers: 2,324
Routes: 993

Newest Pilots

ANV0018 John Hodder
ANV0017 Frans Van Zantbeek
ANV0015 Randy Thate
ANV0014 Ronnie Booker


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