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Avg Landing: -107 FPM

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Posted by Rick P on 04/05/2022

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Welcome to Air Nevada Virtual Airline

The brave pilots of Air Nevada, flying small airplanes in North America.

Welcome to Air Nevada. Air Nevada is working on Utah airports and routes to fly to and from. I am going state by state, adding airports and new routes. Just finished North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. Registered Virtual Airline with IVAO. Come fly with us on the IVAO Network. Enjoy.
If you need a new invite to our Discord server(Air Nevada Pilots only), Must ask, air mail me and I will send you a new invite. Discord is not required, your choice. All Air Nevada operations are talked about on Discord.
A good day to fly. Have fun.

About US

Air Nevada is a small airline. Flying small airplanes in Canada and the United States. Fly anytime, any route on the schedule(No Charter flights,), with any aircraft listed in the fleet. All pilots are required to use Smartcars, our flight reporting software. New Pilots have 30 days to file a PIREP after joining Air Nevada. Air Nevada is a registered airline with IVAO network. Highly recommended to do your flights on IVAO network, but not required.
Please read before joining. Pilot's Handbook. The Pilots Handbook is our SOP.
Air Nevada is all about flying airplanes.
Have fun.

Our Flights

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
ANV3683Rick P1L1U64ARROW 4 TURB01.48-372 ft/mAccepted
ANV1485Rick PU521L1ARROW 4 TURB00.46-135 ft/mAccepted
ANV1488Rick PKBDGU52ARROW 4 TURB01.25-199 ft/mAccepted
ANV1463Rick PU55KBDGARROW 4 TURB01.10-88 ft/mAccepted
ANV1460Rick P1L1U55ARROW 4 TURB00.49-32 ft/mAccepted
ANV1320Rick PKBYI1L1ARROW 4 TURB02.13-61 ft/mAccepted
ANV1319Rick P1L1KBYIARROW 4 TURB02.15-29 ft/mAccepted
ANV1359Rick PO431L1ARROW 4 TURB01.54-28 ft/mAccepted
ANV1358Rick P1L1O43ARROW 4 TURB01.53-15 ft/mAccepted
ANV1300Rick P10U1L1ARROW 4 TURB01.58-44 ft/mAccepted

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Pilots: 5
Total Airline Hours: 3,151
Flights: 1,404
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 552,857
Aircraft: 51
Passengers: 17,924
Routes: 3725

Newest Pilots

ANV0035 Ken R
ANV0033 Sébastien Q
ANV0032 Sašo V
ANV0027 David K
ANV0001 Rick P

May 2022 Top Landings

Rick P.P28U-1 ft/min
Rick P.P28U-15 ft/min
Rick P.P28U-20 ft/min
Rick P.P28U-25 ft/min
Rick P.P28U-28 ft/min
Rick P.P28U-29 ft/min
Rick P.P28U-32 ft/min
Rick P.P28U-35 ft/min
Rick P.P28U-42 ft/min
Rick P.P28U-44 ft/min


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