Sašo V's Statistics

    Name Sašo V Hours 13.21
    Pilot ID ANV0032 Flights 9
    Rank Flight Officer Last Flight 56 Days ago
    Hire Date: 03/13/2021 Last Flight Date 06/04/2021
    Hub CYQF Distance Flown 2085 miles
    Total Passengers 36 Passengers

    My Bio

    Sašo V joined Air Nevada 139 days ago, and is based out of the CYQF hub. Sašo V was given the Pilot ID of ANV0032. Is currently holding a rank of Flight Officer. ANV0032 currently has 9 flights totalling 13.21 flight hours. ANV0032 last flight was on June 04, 2021, 56 days ago. ANV0032 has a best landing landing of -3 with an average landing of -184. Also with a worst landing of -272. ANV0032 has earned $ 252.88 since joining Air Nevada on March 13, 2021. has also earned 1 awards flying with Air Nevada.

Sašo V

Sašo's Awards

  • First Flight

PIREP's List

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
ANV755 KGLS KACT C310 (N5488J) 01.25 06/05/2021
ANV755 KGLS KACT EPIC SKYVIEW (PR-2GT) 00.57 04/22/2021
ANV754 KACT KGLS BARON 58 (N5114X) 01.11 03/29/2021
ANV1560 KONM KACT BARON 58 (N5114X) 02.34 03/28/2021
ANV2252 KLSB KONM M20J (N201HA) 00.57 03/28/2021
ANV2255 KSDL KLSB SR20 (N345BS) 01.14 03/27/2021
ANV1001 1L1 KSDL SR20 (N345BS) 01.55 03/27/2021
ANV198 KSDL KGCN B1900 (N418LC) 00.50 03/26/2021
ANV1013 1L1 KSDL 690B TWIN CO (N690BD) 02.18 03/14/2021